Sunday, October 2, 2011

From White to Black

While the old white outside railings of our house were getting de-rusted, primed and painted a traditional shiny black (courtesy of student painters), the ground floor and inside of our home was undergoing a transformation, getting plastered professionally. (Reading that last phrase back to myself makes for a very suitable double entendre for getting though this ongoing project!) Our plastering man, Guy, made up for all out little foibles from when we installed the drywall. He did an amazing job, so we used him again for the in-law reno.

Once the plastering was complete, I started helping out with some of the painting, but Marc surged ahead and ended up almost single handedly painting the place over the course of several evenings after work, while I got stuck at the office. We've gone completely white for now. I completely lack inspiration for color and am just so happy to have a clean house with real walls. I have got to apply for one of those design shows like Color Confidential or the like... Need design help!

The finishing touch came with selecting the door and window trims. Marc got to use his favorite cutting saw to make perfect 45° cuts. And then I finally got a go at the painting with semi-gloss white trims. You'd think after all this I'd have taken a ton of pics. But, no! The end of 2011 barely allowed for any breathing room outside of work work. So you'll just have to wait for photos...