Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Plumbing - CHECK!

I needed to work from home today, which was pretty lucky, since I was around when Guy the plasterer stopped by, plus the plumber also paid us a visit to finish off the last of the details for the reno-in-law plumbing...

Still need a mirror, medicine cabinet, shower glass, light fixture and finishing paint/silicone touch up. But other than that, it's DONE!

Monday, February 6, 2012


We're actually spending some time on our home! Marc's golfing buddy, Pierre, has been working on building our stairs. And today's the big day that we dismantled the rough temporary stairs that we've been living with for over a year!

We found bamboo stair treads and a nosing for the edge of the stairs at Rona, but we'll need to stain and varnish them to work well with the rest of the flooring. I'm not quite sure what you'd call our style, I call it cozy industrial. Mixing raw steel elements with the warmth of natural materials.

Here's a little slideshow with the work in progress:

Don't have flash? View the album.

There's still the railings to install, but no idea when that's going to happen! Stay tuned for the final pics (I'm guessing April - will be interesting to see how close my guesstimate is!)