Sunday, December 19, 2010

I can smell the pizza

The kitchen was delivered on Nov 27, but we've only be able to start putting it together the last week or so. The gas man was here a couple of days ago and hooked up our new stove, and the first thing I cooked in the oven was, naturally, pizza. Yum!

Last week Marc sent a pic to my sister of our kitchen with just the sink and tap hooked up. She was a little bit freaked out at how much we still need to do before their arrival. We've now got all the cupboards made (had to return one because it was the wrong colour) and the countertop on (it's a temporary one - but it looks pretty good and only about $5 more than the cost of plywood). I can't wait until we fix up the plumbing on the floor above so we can move that ugly pipe...

In Progress

Getting there

Not too far off

Of course, we're going to need to do something about the floor to level it before we finish that and can add the plinth to the bottom of the cupboards... then there's all the finishing pieces and backsplash... It would have been nice to properly finish the walls and level the floor before we added the kitchen, but we need to get this damn thing operational for Xmas. We're also planning on moving one of the cupboards to make a bar area, but I rather like it open as it is. So we'll see.

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