Sunday, February 20, 2011

Slowing Down

While there was a made rush before Christmas, we've slowed down the renos at the moment. This is due to Marc starting a new contract, me falling on ice and screwing up my arm (fortunately it's my left one) and finally a limited cash flow while we wait for the bank to catch up with us. Despite this, we had a couple of family weekends which allowed us to complete the installation of pot lights, rebar and plastic sheeting on the ceiling. We then paid professionals to inject cellulose insulation and install all the ceiling gyprock. I'm soooo glad we decided to get help for this part. We'd originally planned on using Roxul Safe 'n' Sound throughout the ceiling, but the positioning of our joists made this super tricky. (we are using some Roxul though - for the bit in the kitchen where the plumbing will all be re-routed in the summer and some areas of the basement).

But before the ceiling could be installed, the huge pile of gyprock that had been covered in a foot or so of snow in the back garden needed to come inside. Huge thanks to Marc's brother for aiding us with this. It may not sound that hard, but navigating 50ish double sheets of extra thick ceiling gyprock takes A LOT of effort. So I got the video camera out to do my bit!

So I'm thinking you'd like to see some pics...

All the plastic and rebar is ready for the cellulose injection

The insulation is complete and the ceiling gyprock is just getting started

Marc proud of his handyman pot light installation

The other very noticeable improvement is that the cornice in front of our house has been completed. Love it!

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