Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Feeling Radiant

Our neighbours find the radiator transport team quite hilarious. It's true, I'm sure they are if it doesn't involve your own home. It was yet another major milestone to receive the radiators back in October after their sandblasting and re-painting. But bringing these huge and heavy pieces of cast iron back into the house was no easy task. After much swearing in French, and several dents in our lovely new flooring, they did finally make it in.

Today, the plumbing company was able to hook them up to our gas heating system (also used to heat the water for our radiant floors in the basement).

It's probably worth a reminder of the before picture...

And now we have lovely working radiators, no peeling paint, all in one lovely consistent shade of silver:


  1. These are gorgeous pieces! (Stumbled across your blog via your you tube vid of The Money Pit clips - we feel the same!)

  2. Thanks, Kirstin! Just been checking out your amazing renos. I'm originally from London so it's cool to see the ol' country. Especially the kitchen with union jack bunting hanging up! I have a union jack tea cosy hanging on the wall - which also likes to be worn as a hat by Marc ;)