Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Plumbing - CHECK!

I needed to work from home today, which was pretty lucky, since I was around when Guy the plasterer stopped by, plus the plumber also paid us a visit to finish off the last of the details for the reno-in-law plumbing...

Still need a mirror, medicine cabinet, shower glass, light fixture and finishing paint/silicone touch up. But other than that, it's DONE!


  1. Hello Marc and Joanna,

    My partner and I are considering excavating under our 5-plex on the Plateau. Its solid blue rock so I would really appreciate your input. Any chance we could have a quick chat?


    1. Hi Daniel,
      So sorry for the extremely tardy reply. If you're still looking for input, let us know... I realize we're only 5 months late in responding! What did you decide to do?
      Good luck,