Monday, June 28, 2010

Already 2 months!

Well, 2 months of work and there is still lots to do. I am running out of inspiration for the blog since I feel I am repeating myself every time I make a post. I talked to my digging contractor and he expects to be finished with the rock removal next week. Of course the project will be far from over but at least we will be able to see faster and significant progress.

I talked to my neighbours last week and I guess they are resigned about the length of this phase of the project. They are not as smiley as before but they still prefer us to the previous owner. I decided to change the fence for a nice and more private pressure treated wood fence. They seem to like my idea. My contractor will help me put the posts in the ground since he has to repair the existing fence anyway.
Here are some drawings I laid out. This is a work in progress.

See for yourself the progress. Une image vaut mille mots. Cheers!

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