Sunday, June 13, 2010

Another week in the Just Two weeks project

The Just two weeks project is going forward slowly but surely. The “sous-oeuvres” are completed and next week they will resume the digging in the hard rock. We have 2.5 feet to go. To my surprise the second door was cut but not removed because the structure carpenter needs to build support for the beams before removing that big concrete block. This part of the house is in really bad shape. It explained why the floor was not straight on the first, second and third floor. Also I realize that we are loosing more space than planned because of those new concrete walls (8-10 inches thick). Also we decided to keep the chimney since we want to reduce cost. It takes up some space but we will try to integrate this feature into our contemporary design. So I will have to contact our architect soon to review the measurements. I hope we can keep the original layout.

On the soft side, I feel that my neighbors (which probably think we are crazy, and they are right) are getting fed up with the project. All the dust, the noise, the mud, the trucks, the early mornings, the fence that is going down, the asphalt damage; they did not ask for it and I understand their frustrations. I guess this is what bugs me the most at this time. A three weeks excavation (digging) that is more like 2 months now is indeed disturbing. So far I can manage the stakeholder (Project management 101) and I can get a smile from them but I feel their patience is going away and the line is getting thinner. Actually the JTW project reminds me of work but Hey!! that is my job, I am a professional project manager. Enough said, lets see some pictures and movie clips.

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