Thursday, August 26, 2010

From demolition to building

4 months of work and believe it or not, there is still rock to remove. I was reading my previous post and it is incredible how this rock makes this project so unpredictable. I learned that construction project in the residential home business is definitely not an exact science. You have to be Agile and patient. That being said, it is a good learning experience for a professional project manager like me. I will be able to transfer from IT to building renovation… Anyway, rule 101 of project management, we have to keep the goal in mind,.

On the positive side, we had a major milestone this week since the damage back foundation wall was demolished and a new concrete footing was pored. It is good to see some construction instead of demolition. This also confirms the ceiling height of 7 foot 9 inches, 3 inches below the original objective but the extra cost does not worth it. Next Thursday the carpenter will be here with the steel welder to replace the major wood beam and to put up the steel structure to replace the back wall. This needs to support 3 floors of our 1915 building.

Since I am only starting back to work in September (new contract), I have more time to browse around and try to find the right suppliers and the good deals for our project. So far we found real good deals on an oven hood and 2 toilets. I also found my suppliers for windows, lights, electrician and tempered glass. I found this incredible supplier of architectural windows Like I told him: I love your product but I don’t know if I can afford it. I am analyzing his quote at the moment, we’ll see but I have a Plan B. Also I think we found the bathtub and faucet supplier but I have my eyes open for good deals on plumbing furniture. So for bathroom and kitchen cabinet, IKEA will really be the cost effective solution.

Here some picture

Let’s be positive!

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