Monday, September 20, 2010

My Beam, Plumbing and Other Animals

While I've been quiet the last few weeks (work trips to Orlando, Dallas and North Carolina have kept me away from the noise of the renos) things are progressing, albeit slowly, in the right direction. We seem to have spurts of work, and then nothing. And it's getting difficult to have the contractor to commit to when they'll be here. You'll see we have replaced the old main beam of the house which was rotten in places, with a super strong engineered wood. Plus there's the steel supporting beams and structure.

BEFORE - the rot

AFTER - the beam

AFTER - beam with steel support

AFTER - steel posts

AFTER - Back wall removed - new steel structure

Now they've started on digging the trenches/holes for the plumbing. Started, but not complete. No idea when they're going to finish. Marc's going to talk with JF tomorrow as the weather is starting to get cooler and we HAVE to get the plumbing done and the concrete floor laid since there's no heat in the house until then... We heard a rumour that the English courtyard will start this week - HAAAAAAA!

The brickwork restoration was supposed to start today, but we had an email yesterday saying that they won't be able to start until next week. Not too bad a delay what with everything else. The roofing company actually called a few days ago to let us know they'd had a spot open up and could do our roof immediately. Unfortunately, with all the house movement right now, this is not something we'd like to embark upon early. So this is currently still planned for the first week of November.

In the meantime, we got restless with the inaction in the basement, so have started on the main floor. While I type this, I'm back and forth helping Marc hold plastic sheeting and bits of wood in place to separate off the areas which are about to become very dusty. This past weekend, while Marc's mum and I packed up and moved tons of things into the living room, Marc and his dad were removing trim, old wiring and old piping.

The wall on the left is coming down next weekend

For the past few months, every time we've been in a home decoration store I've been eyeing up the dining room tables. So we took a break on Sunday and stopped at Mariette Clermont, after a picture in a magazine had taken me to their website, and ultimately to the store. I now have a deposit on a table that I won't have delivered until December. It's made from solid oak, oil-treated. I love it and the way it expands. It feels like it'll last a lifetime and more. Here's hoping!

Now a heart-warming story. I can be a bear of little brain. While putting a huge bag of dog food into the back of the car, I put my purse on the roof. Of course, I forgot to take it off before driving away. Somehow we made it all the way to the highway before it flew off the roof and somehow, I was completely unaware of all this happening. While we'd made a stop on the way home, I had a call from a stranger saying that he had my wallet; he'd found the contents strewn all across the highway and he was crazy enough to stop and pick up what he could.

Just 2 weeks ago (no pun intended) I finally received my business cards from work and the stranger had found one and called the office number. This weekend was unusual because I had it forwarded to my mobile. Not only did this gentleman call me and get through to me, it was before I even noticed my purse was missing!!! He then went out of his way to drop it off in the middle of a shopping centre car park. I did not have one card missing (and I have a lot) and there was very little cash there to start with, so not a big deal. TALK ABOUT LUCKY! Then as we were leaving the shopping centre we were rear ended! Not so lucky, but no damage. Quite the day.

The stranger was called Stephan. Thank you, Stephan, you saved me A LOT of headaches.

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