Thursday, April 15, 2010

How many permits do we need?

Today I had on my project “to do list” to call the city in relation to a form that was in my permit envelope from the city. This form is a request for digging in the public domain. I was under the impression it was not necessary since the initial digging is under the house. So I called that other city department called public works. It was obvious for the gentleman at the end of the line that I needed to apply for that permit. Actually he told me that the permit I got is not for digging. So work is scheduled in less than 2 weeks and I don’t have all the required permits. Nobody informed me of that. Integrated view and “one stop shop” seem not to be the strong asset of a city citizen services. To add to the irony, I also need another permit for the connection of the sewage. One thing for sure, I know now where my taxes are spent!!

Since we are going to get the gas, I was logically thinking we should synchronize the digging for gas and sewage. I will call the contractor and the gas company tomorrow to try to sort things out.

Digging is coming soon, April 26. Also this weekend it is the basement junk removal……it is suppose to rain…..;-(

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