Saturday, April 10, 2010

Fence Removal

Today was the first test of our relationship. How are we going to cope over the next months (and years!) as we renovate our triplex home?

Having spent a fun evening at Sharx last night (bowling and beer), 1-800-got-junk called at 8am for our scheduled appointment. It's going to cost us $568 (1 full truck in 2 hours) + $100 for an extra hour + tax. De-junking starts next weekend, same time, same place. I don't envy the work, that needs to take place. Marc removed the security grill and tested removing the windows in preparation for emptying the place. I hope nobody breaks in, in the meantime...

As for today, we removed the "privacy" screens, back fence, blackberry tree and roses in preparation for the digging. No idea if the plants will survive, the tree was particularly savaged.

All this was followed by a review of the basement contents. Marc is very manly; he was oooh and aaahing over the solid blocks of wood he found. There are potentially some nice doors that could be recovered, but I suspect we'd spend more time and money repairing them than would be worth it.

The end of the day was nicely rounded off with a BC Mission Hill Cabernet Sauvignon, fresh pasta and divine chili chocolate from our trip to Guadeloupe last week.

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