Tuesday, April 27, 2010

D-Day arrives! And then there was snow...

The sun was shining, the day was raring to begin, there was a roar of trucks in the back alley, and all at 7am on a Monday morning. But I'd forgotten about Lenny (my camper van used to drive across the country last summer for my move from Vancouver to Montreal). We're trying to get around needing a permit for blocking the ruelle (back alley) by being able to use our 3 parking spots for all the works vehicles. Despite having charged his battery just a couple of weeks earlier, Marc was unable to get my boy started, and had to fish out the battery charger kit. Of course, this all takes time... and just one irate neighbour later, Lenny was parked over at Alex's (for a little maintenance and an inspection for his new "je me souviens" plates).

Now the day was starting to get going and a lovely red excavator tractor was making the earth move. The hole for the English courtyard which is to ultimately provide access into the basement, was well under way at the end of day 1. However, work had been slow due to a lot of rock fragments. But our contractor, Mini Excavation Beloeil had the equipment to deal with it, so far.

There was no rude awakening, day 2; we were allowed to sleep in. While it had been t-shirt and beer patio weather the day before, a light covering of snow caressed the ground and was continuing to fall steadily. A little later in the morning our guys were able to start work on dismantling the patio deck (and adding supports). But it was just too wet to finish off today.

The slushy snow is supposed to continue into tomorrow, but the forecast is currently 26°C for Saturday... Crazy Montreal weather!

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