Sunday, April 25, 2010

D-Day: Minus 1

This weekend we completed the final preparation work for D-Day. We had prepared well, having spent Friday evening at El Zaziummm, with Kiwi Kate and Aussie Vanessa, followed by a long walk in our neighbourhood and finally letting Marc play Montreal Mont-Royal tour guide at 1am.

The weather was spectacular all weekend. Marc's dad arrived with power tools, which allowed them to chop up the last few pieces of wood that had been too big for the 1800-got-junk truck last week. So things were moving along nicely, the boys had the trailer loaded and went off to the dump (Eco-Centre). Unfortunately they arrived back all too soon, and still with all the debris. While the car in front had been allowed in, the centre was just "too busy". C'est la vie! So off they trekked to St. Michel, which was even busier, but at least let us dump the old wood. Merci pour l'aide, papa!

The rest of the weekend, with help from the kids too :) we removed all the patio stones, moved a hydrangea bush, emptied the balcony and fought to remove the steps. At one point I had a stressful moment when I thought I'd lost my dog, but it turned out he wasn't so keen on all the activity, and had found a cool, quiet spot under the balcony.

All in all, a successful weekend in the sun.

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