Sunday, April 18, 2010

Junk Removal Photos

Last weekend we had cleaned up the backyard in preparation for the junk removal. Marc removed the basement window in the morning, the plan being to pass everything through that window (yes, that small one you see in the picture) and into the truck that would park in the back alley (ruelle - en francais)

This plan worked surprisingly well and the four of us (Rod a Concordia economics student - hoping to replace his broken down Ikea furtniture with superb finds from this junk job, Jen a fulltime nurse - lucky to have reasonable shifts, supplementing her income with our crap removal, plus the 2 of us).

The morning went fast and we filled 1 entire truck within the 2 hour time limit (after which it would have cost us an extra $100). After this, Marc and I were able to move all of our non-junk stuff from the basement and pack it away on the ground floor (rez de chaussée - en francais), the goal being to completely and utterly empty the "cave" of EVERYTHING! Jen and Rod returned with a near empty truck (and proudly showed us the treasures from the last job, including a poster of a nipple!)

Halfway through the day... (it was fun jumping on the huge cardboard tubes to flatten them!)

The second truck is starting to get full. Jen is rearranging the contents to fit as much in as possible.

Finally the basement is empty.

But that old freezer will have to wait until the back wall comes down. It's big, heavy and not wanting to go anywhere. No idea how it got down here to start with!

The tired and dirty couple... :)

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