Monday, May 3, 2010

Brown Stuff

It was a strange morning. Not only was I not rudely awakened by the digging machinery, I actually found that the deep growling sound of the machinery was lulling me back to sleep. However, this lie in was to be short-lived; the doorbell rang, and in my half-awake, barely comprehending French state, I think the man said something about being here to remove the furnace today. This means progress!

Of course, I was to miss it all while at work today. I came home, turned on the light, but no cigar... breaker blown. Turned on the tap for a glass of water... and it gurgled out brown. Fortunately, it was easy to reset the breaker and after a minute of running the tap, clean water prevailed. I ventured downstairs to take photos and ran directly into a new pipe crossing my path. One big achievement for today, the large sewage pipe that had been running directly through the middle of the basement (impeding the digging on the northern side of the house) had been moved to the side. It also looked like all the pipes had been cut from the oil tank and furnace.

If you happen to like looking at photos of dank, dark places with pipes, you might enjoy the following slideshow from today:

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