Sunday, May 30, 2010

Head Room

Marc and I are finally back in Montreal together at the same time! It's been TWO WEEKS since I've seen the basement, so while I couldn't wait to see Marc... I was also very anxious to see the project progress :)

To be honest, it's a little disappointing to still see there is so much more to dig, but it's what I was expecting. Anything more would have been surprising, but I still wanted more! (It seems I'm a rather demanding woman, but I won't poll for thoughts on this matter.)

Unfortunately we missed the SIDIM Expo this year, which I would have liked to attend and get some interior design ideas, but Saturday (yesterday) was the last day and we didn't have a chance to get there (plus finishing the basement seems a mere pipe-dream at the moment). Instead, we went to SkyVenture to watch the younger family members skydive in a tube. Forget about the kids! We definitely need to give that a try.

Since Marc and I have spent the last few weeks eating out for every single freakin' meal (I ate waaaaay too much deep fried goodness in Texas) it's been really relaxing to cook at home today. But the diet starts Tuesday (I have fun dinner plans for tomorrow).

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