Saturday, May 22, 2010

Slowly but surely

Yesterday I came back from my road trip for work across the province. I was anxious to see how much work was accomplished. I tried to keep my expectations low but, has the money meter is turning, I was wishing they could accomplish a lot and the digging was easier than expected. When I got home I passed by the back alley with the car. The work site was almost the same as before except for the little pile of rocks. Joanna is still in Texas for her work and she is coming back end of next week. We chatted yesterday on Skype. It reminded me when she was living on the West coast and me in the East. I am looking forward of her return home. Also our doggy is still at my brother. I know he likes to be there and he has a lot of people looking after him but we miss him. Also since the work takes longer than expected (Just two weeks lol) I feel that I am abusing of my brother’s family hospitality.
After parking the car I came home and went directly to the basement. Going down the stairs I could not see much work done. I turn on the light and I saw all those lines on the ground.
They used a concrete saw to cut thru the rock and to make it easier to break the hard ground with the jackhammer.As I walked further I saw that I was able the stand up with about 6 inches free above my head. So most of the right side of the house has now at least a 6.5 feet clearance. Woohoo! I’m happy that they made some progress but I hope they did not work the whole week to get to that result because there are still lots to do. I will call the contractor Tuesday to get his feedback. We have to be patient I guess! This is a long weekend with a holiday on Monday. So I will go get the kids today and try to get some rest because I am travelling again the whole week next week.
Now it is hockey time in Montreal, Cheers!

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