Sunday, May 16, 2010

Rock digging. Our fears are confirmed

It is with mixed feelings that the work has resume. The costs were reevaluated in light of the past digging. The main problem is the 3 feet of rock. The new method chosen to get thru this hard material is to cut it with a big and heavy (and expensive) concrete cutter. This machine needs a hard surface to maneuver so that is why last Friday they made a ramp and a thin concrete floor in the basement. I so wish the ceiling was the right height :-( but we are happy that the “Just two weeks project” is back on track. The down side is the cost. We come to the point where we are starting to have doubts about the ROI (return on investment). So the rock issue will increase the price tag by 35 % worst-case scenario. On the other hand, this will give us 2600 square feet of living space in a premium location in the hearth of the city which worth almost the price we paid for the whole house. Years ago in London they use that method to enlarge living space by the bottom and English courtyard were born. The house structure is the place we cannot cut too much on cost; this needs to be taken care by professional. We will try to squeeze costs on other items and do more ourselves on certain area. Also we have potential of increasing revenues with the 2 rental apartments but this is another subject.
The next time we will have a post on the blog a lot of digging will have been done. Joanna and me are leaving the city for the next week, each on our side for work. My lovely neighbors will take care of looking after the project and the house. So I am looking forward to see the progress next Friday.

PS Sorry for my English but my British partner is not here to correct me

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