Sunday, May 2, 2010

Rock 'n' Roll

In case you were wondering how JF's team was going to remove the rock (after cutting it), watch today's episode...

As for how much more this is going to cost us, well, it all depends on how long it's going to take. We'd had a fixed cost quote, but after Marc spoke with JF on Friday, we're going to time and materials (T&M). So part of the digging has been removed from the quote and replaced with T&M rates, and as long as the digging/rock removal can be completed within ~3 weeks, we're still on track. Currently, this looks doable, but until JF gets a little further with the rock, it's hard to tell the velocity of the work and get a better idea of how long it's really going to take. It's early days, but we'll be watching the budget burndown carefully.

Roll on Monday!

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